Harbin Hotsprings Retreat, June 13-15 this summer!
Christine Breese
Posted 3/10/2008 11:10 PM (#3792)
Subject: Harbin Hotsprings Retreat, June 13-15 this summer!


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I just thought I'd drop a line letting you all know that we have a retreat coming up this summer at Harbin Hotsprings on June 13-15, 2008 and I hope I'll meet some of you! We kept the price really low for everyone. If you want the posh room with a bath of your own, you might want to book 3 months early because the Harbin Hotel books early. If you're camping, room is unlimited. You can see all the info at http://www.umsonline.org/MeditationRetreats/HarbinHotsprings/Harbin... if you want to come. We'll talk about consciousness and do some great meditations!

By the way, we have our own area of Harbin Hotsprings at the conference center, so we're not mixing with the general area people. We are having it be clothing required at the pools that are up by the conference center where our retreat will be, and if you want to go to the clothing optional area, you can go there to the main pools.

Hope I see ya there! I have so much fun meeting everyone. I just got back from our Los Angelos events and met so many amazing people! I love talking to you all and giving you hugs!

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