I know, but where am I?
Posted 3/2/2008 3:59 AM (#3738)
Subject: I know, but where am I?


I’ve been thinking lately after gathering information from a variety of crazy sources over the years trying to confirm what I know but I can’t seem to put my finger (laughs) on it (if I had a finger to put on it that is). Besides pondering on what to do once get to what I already know I’m wondering:

I know, therefore I am.

If I exist, regardless of my external or internal stimuli, where am I then?

Theory answer: exactly where I wish to be?

The real question though is what am I looking for when I truthfully need nothing and create what I think I need for my own benefit or misfortune?

So, I’m driving the bus, where am I in reference to where I know? (Think of it this way) Why do I choose the illusion (or reality if you feel more comfortable with that word) when I can change it, is this because I don’t have the key or that it’s easier to accept the illusion rather than jump off the proverbial cliff? Funny if you KNOW, then why?

Am I missing something, again the strange part is I know it’s the key, I just don’t know where it’s hidden or what it looks like.

For example:

How can I hear new symphonies in my head picking out each instruments part, combining them, replaying the “tape”, make adjustments, detail the arrangements, and yet not have a clue how music is written.

How can I create works of art in paint, and sculpture that define a style that’s completely original and my own knowing such works stand with the giants of the past.

How can words flow through my mind endless cascades of expressions, observations, emotions, and the like that and bloom in thought flowering into ideas, plots, and all aspects of literature yet when my fingers touch the keys or the pen hits the pad nothing remains but a ghostly whisper fading away like a cigarettes last puff.

Where do the references come from that allow this creative process to manifest when nothing is there?

So I’m curious, where am I that is “state” so much better than the possibilities that present themselves to me, or within my ability to alter, perhaps better asked: what do I know I don’t know.

It’s right there on the tip of my being, I know, I know so much, and yet I don’t. I realize the illusion is everywhere, in everything, that all is what I perceive and experience is through internal or external stimuli of a created illusion.

Who’s really driving?

Here’s the really weird part

Where are you when you KNOW: because truthfully the future can be defined through present action or events yet can’t be altered from the past, therefore are we in the past effecting the future through the present and how would we know if our reference point was correct considering there is nothing there to begin with?

I need to “see” it, to grow, I need the key.

PS How did I already know I was going to have trouble getting this to you? I KNEW I had to find a backdoor.

PSS If it’s all ones and zeros we can control past our comprehension, switch on, switch off, how come I’m trapped?

PSSS Is there anyway to prepare for it except to laugh? Yes, I know it is funny, so scary it has to be funny to accept it. But why here and where is that?

Dreadful thought: Is the real question, why am I keeping my “eyes” closed?

Any help would be appreciated

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Posted 3/2/2008 11:48 AM (#3739 - in reply to #3738)
Subject: RE: I know, but where am I?

I truly enjoyed your questions. When I find myself in this type of questioning situation, I always Keep It Simple. For example: the reason you can hear the parts of the symphony is because you are already there. You don't need to learn to read or play the music (the intermediate steps to getting there), because you are already there. I also believe that the simplest answer of why we are always questioning is because that is exactly what we were created to do! So long as we question, then we create a level of conflict that needs resolution, that requires action, that expands the universe. So keep questioning and you will be a service to everything that was, is, or will be! Peace, Michael
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