Heaven on the (London) Underground
Paul Joseph
Posted 2/27/2008 8:08 AM (#3713)
Subject: Heaven on the (London) Underground

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Wondered if to share this experience that happened the other morning on my way into work on the 'Tube' .... ? I had found a seat, unusually, but very welcomely, as I was feeling under huge emotional pressure for a number of irrelevant reasons. I had no book or newspaper to read, so closed my eyes and sought my spirit guides' assistance. I seemed to hear 'caution', because, being in a travelling train, I was not really grounded or earthed, so I felt that they were timid about letting 'me' or my spirit go off too far ....but then I found myself surrounded by a kind of 'light' (I say kind ofbecause it was not 'bright', but more warm and enveloping, even dark) , then was in the presence of , I can only say, Divine Majesty. It was magical, gazing at & being with a bright yet dark Force.

Suddenly, the tube stopped and people got on. I opened my eyes, and saw a woman get on with three little children. They could hardly stand as the train rattled off. In semi-rapture I did not react as quicklyas the man across from me, who stood up (also an unusual experience these days) and the mother sat down, leaving three little children standing. Then the woman next to where the man had been got up, which enabled most of the children to then sit down, either on mum's lap, or in the vacant seat. I then was back in 'world consciousness', and gotup to offer my seat to that woman, but she declined, laughing and saying, 'We're all too polite today aren't we ?!' It felt like a domino, or ripple effect of pure kindness andhappiness. Everyone around was smiling by then (a completely unknownevent on the morning rush hour Tube); and I couldn't help putting all this down to the emanation of spiritual energy that I had just before then been experiencing, as if a conduit of divine love had been openedand suddenly bathed everyone in it. It was magical.

Later I wondered if this is what do Miguel Ruiz might mean when he describes replacing the 'dream of the planet' with 'the Dream of Heaven', and what can happen when we do! Thanks & Blessings to the Great Spirit.
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Posted 2/29/2008 9:33 PM (#3733 - in reply to #3713)
Subject: RE: Heaven on the (London) Underground

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What a wonderful story! Kindness is so contagious, and Spirit is it's catalyst. Your description of the "light" was amazing. What a miracle, to have been a part of such beauty in human nature.
Thank you for sharing!
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