8 and 1/2 Yellow........
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Hello to all:
     I have to admit I am a bit spooked.....I was writing on a "short" legal pad, one that is 8 1/2 by 11, as opposed to the 8 1/2 by 13', writing a prologue to a project that I am engaged in....hmmmm...details seem important to me, if we ever intend to absolutley prove anything.
     Anyway, my handwriting completely changed ( Oh DocJ, if I weren't so lazy, you would be living proof of what I say, I am going to send you my handwriting and a xerox of this sheet )....
I STOPPED when I spelt the word "fate" in another language. It is not that my hand was guided by some outward source,  my thoughts were going on the paper just as I was thinking them.....BUT,  the writing was not mine and could in no way be construed as mine, even if I try to alter the way I write, which is very distinctive.
     I imagine Doc would have field day with this and a big fish to fry...absolutely incredible! A stranger broke in and jotted a note....this sheet of words is NOT my writing...the words are mine, but the hand is not!!!!!!!

Peaceful but Puzzled,
Marty and Comunicative Cats, except for Poppyhead, who is asleep in the sink.
I think it is time for a reality check.....but the legal pad is still there!

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Subject: RE: 8 and 1/2 Yellow........

This may help.....or not...You be the judge.

Why Explore Parallel Realities?

On a personal level, by exploring your parallel existences you can indirectly experience those roads not taken, and look at the outcomes of some of the “what if’s” in your life. What if you had moved to Paris when you had the chance, instead of going to college? How might your life have turned out? You can gain insights from the knowledge and experiences of your other probable selves; tap into their strengths, skills, and abilities. You can experiment with alternate behaviours, and different ways to solve problems. With the added ability of lucid dreaming, you can learn to participate more consciously in the act of choosing from probable events and situations.

However, you don’t have to be an accomplished lucid dreamer in order to get a glimpse into your own personal probabilities. Non-lucid dreams can offer valuable hints and clues that your dreaming self is working with probabilities. Obvious symbols like mirrors, reflections, twins, younger, older, or other selves, multiple objects like doors or windows may indicate probable realities. Or, you may have some other object that represents probabilities to you that shows up in your dreams. Remember, they are your dreams, so you will need to be familiar with your own dream symbols.

As many dream enthusiasts are aware, there are numerous inventions and discoveries attributed to inspiration and solutions found in dreams.

On a global level, what if the scientific researchers of the world – the physicists, biologists, medical doctors, etc. turned their vision away from their instruments and computers once in a while and looked to their own dreams? With lucidity and determination what marvels could they discover in the laboratories of their minds?

What knowledge from parallel universes could be shared? Could other selves hold the key to mysteries in our universe? Maybe what is a mystery to us is old hat to them. Like a cure for cancer? What if they could transmit to us via the dreamstate, or another altered state of consciousness, help for some of our most pressing problems like disease, war, hunger, the depletion of our natural resources…?

Could we learn to minimize the “white noise” of our personal dream symbols enough to pull relevant information into our awareness? Could we discover a way to effectively and clearly communicate and work with parallel selves on an ongoing, consistent basis? Could we discover the new “laboratory of parallel universe experimentation” where we study and learn about the nature of reality and existence alongside our own parallel selves? Perhaps there are some parallel universes where this possibility is already a reality. If we could access such a universe, would we then be able to comprehend the physics behind parallel universes?

I wonder just how many physicists are lucid dreamers, and if any have ever tried to use their talents to unravel the marvelous mysteries of parallel universes. Maybe you will discover something new and wonderful as you explore and experiment in your own lucid laboratory.

"As fantastic as it may sound, the "new physics" called quantum mechanics posits that there exists, side by side with this world, another world, a parallel universe, a duplicate copy that is somehow slightly different and yet the same. And not just two parallel worlds, but three, four, and even more. No less than an infinite number of them. In each of these universes, you, I, and all the others who live, have lived, will live, will have ever lived, are alive."

Fred Alan Wolf, Ph.D.,
Starwave: Mind, Consciousness, and Quantum Physics
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Marty. I experience change in writing style all the time. Mostly I attribute it to different aspects of my sub-personalities making clearer communication. Sometimes it is a finer, higher voice which I attribute to my Higher Self or Guide. It doesn't bother me at all as I purposefully set out to do this psycho-spiritual exercise many decades ago so now I am used to it and enjoy it. I recommend it to students as a possible way to get in touch with your Higher Self or Guide. It can be done purposefully or spontaneously. We are multidimensional beings.
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Tracer, go PM on this!
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its all good. I would call that Automatic Writing. It very well could be a guide writing. It also could be that your feelings about that specific word, struck you funny, or different. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it. Just go with the flow and you will do fine.

I recently turned in my HW sample and was told I was basically manipulative. I guess i am, that is after all what a hypnotist does. they manipulate words used by the client, and reverse them to better suit the client. They said i had FLOW..... which is good. They said i was a feeler though... meaning sometimes i let people walk all over me. YEAH, perhaps i do.... but did they know that underneath my carpet are little spikes? HA HA HA HA

Handwriting is a direct connection to your subconscious. You do not even have to be aware of your conscious thought while writing, because your subconscious takes over. Perhaps even your guide.... it hasn't been unheard of.

The end result is usually very helpful, it lets you know what your best suited for, or area's you could use a little tweaking. It also lets us see if you could be a serial killer..... HA HA HA no really. But it would have to show at least 8 traits, over and over and well.... there are major signs that are obvious.

Most of all, it's like a reading, only science based and very accurate. It's not harmful, but helpful for your personality.
I am learning so much about personality types....when i learn just a little more, i will create more topics.


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Hello Marty ,
Should i say congrats on something so blatant ? that was the after feeling was it not ?
Curiosity does create the most amazing adventures, truly it is still up to us to experience it in the most happily pleasant way..then we will learn more..
It was late and your lower half of your body felt slightly numb after that.I believe if you investigate the after effects of your physiological state you will find the answer..walk backwards in time..What was the word spelled like ? I have once experienced this in reverse, where i wrote backwards-"sdrawkcab"..Hold it up to the mirror..It is often that we experience the exact opposite dimension of ourselves..I have a personal theory : i believe that our world is in exact mirror to the "real world " therefore things and metaphysical white noise sound come slow and low key..it sounds low, but is in actual fact so high that the magnetic technology can only play it at a lower frequency..,still we are the half,like a sliced orange of the realm..Call it that, i dont believe there is a physical word for this.Yellow is the spirit colour of your soul..We are in a constant flux of the universal sea of consciousness..
Take care
Love and light
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