I'm not a student yet, but it seems I shall be soon...
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Subject: I'm not a student yet, but it seems I shall be soon...

I'm a mid-50's fella, a retired Professor and Entrepreneur
(taught Quantum Physics and Entrepreneurial Science),
and while on this 5 month-Sabbatical i've taken...way out here in the "boonies"
of the Blue Ridge Mountains...I've realized that that particular thing was not
my "assignment" in life. ( after 26+ yrs)
I've come to believe now, (since all there is to do here is meditate and be alone)
that Spritual Metaphysics and the accompanying Sciences is more of what I have been
all about all these years.
I somehow, was "led" to this particular site, out of the blue, and have been
believing that it was the Divine Power/Source that caused me to find this University.
I already have a Ph.D, and wasn't looking for that.
But, I have been meditating, and being "open" to whatever my assignment was in life.
The first thing I know, this site pops up up my screen, while I was totally looking for something else.
Uncanny, I know. But that is how I found this.
I guess, the gist of my posting here is to ask.."Do all of you have that "calling"?...
I mean, do each of you "know" this is what you are to do with your life?
Just wondering, because for the first time in my life, I believe I was "called" to do something of this nature.
Just want to know if I'm totally off base with these feelings I've been having.
Thank You so much, for anything you can offer in this.
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Subject: RE: I'm not a student yet, but it seems I shall be soon...


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No, you are not off base - not even close. While I am not as educated as you (not even close), I do feel called to do this. I feel called to help children with learning about metaphysics and spirituality. If you have found yourself here, then perhaps you must recognise on some level that the universe brought you here - as a gift! and as a blessing. Namaste.

You'll find a lot of people on this board that are interested in Metaphysics and how Quantum Physics relates to it (Marty, are you there?). I am intersted in this, but do not have the scientific background. At any rate, welcome. This board is not tremendously active, but we welcome you as an important addition in our quest. ~SF
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Subject: RE: I'm not a student yet, but it seems I shall be soon...


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Hello DocMike (and SoulF),
      Doc, we have not met, but I know you from other venues. I hope you truly find what you seek.
Marty & Cats with Coats of Many Colors
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Posted 11/26/2007 9:21 AM (#3020 - in reply to #3009)
Subject: RE: I'm not a student yet, but it seems I shall be soon...

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Hello Mike,
I feel one must educate themselves in all realms, just to know the difference. Those who talk the talk, but haven't walked it make me want to scream, laugh, or just give em a really big hug.

I studied metaphysics before i took engineering classes. I heard the opinions of the NASA employee, teaching us physics and him telling me that Metaphysics was HOGWASH. I said, Thank you but i believe different. He basically ignored me from that point on.

Having all sides of education (well-as much as one can tolerate LOL) can give you insight to understand where people are coming from on all sides of belief systems. It lets you be more compassionate to being human, due to understanding that they just don't know any better, but that can change.

Learning more cannot hurt a thing. Its just something to help you understand WHO YOU REALLY ARE. At that point, everything else is rather mundane.

CHEERS to your learning experience.... I know you will love this one. I did....

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Mother of an Angel
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Subject: RE: I'm not a student yet, but it seems I shall be soon...


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Greeting Mike,

I truly understand how you were led to this site. A few months after the death of my 9 year old son, I was begining to wonder what my purpose in life was. I was out surfing the net one afternoon and came upon the UMS website. I have no idea, just as you, how I reached the site. I began to read about UMS and thought it sounded very interesting. But of course, I was extremely scared to make the first step. I have been out of school for many years. I did quite a bit of meditation asking my guides if this was the road I was to take. I had several signs that this was to be the next journey in my life. I finally took the plunge and enrolled. I have so enjoyed my courses and I'm finding that my whole life has changed for the better. I'm more open and seem to understand life (and the universe) much more clearly.

I know that you will enjoy this journey!

Love and Blessing,
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Posted 11/28/2007 7:53 PM (#3046 - in reply to #3009)
Subject: RE: I'm not a student yet, but it seems I shall be soon...

Hi Mike,
Yes there is no doubt in my mind that I was "called" into the field of metaphysics. It started on my 50th birthday by attending a "Spiritual Insight" workshop. I had always read anything psychic or metaphysical, but the workshop really opened me up. That or the time was finally right. That workshop led me to another. Then a 2 year school in Spiritual Healing and Prophecy which ended in my resolving my religious questions to being ordained as a Spiritualist minister. Last year I stumbled on UMS and felt it would help to fill in some gaps in my knowledge base. I am half way thru the bachelors program, and have to say it has been great. Really impressed with the depth of the courses. I am still not sure where this is all leading me, but I am enjoying the ride. Every day I see the need for people trained in metaphysics. Not so much yet from a financial aspect because so many are still sceptical. But the need coming from people asking me questions. And the feeling of being of service when I can confidantly answer their questions.
Love and Light,
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Posted 11/29/2007 4:50 PM (#3060 - in reply to #3009)
Subject: RE: I'm not a student yet, but it seems I shall be soon...

Thank You Reverend,

I really appreciate your comments and thoughts.
Yes, I wasn't sure if there was even such a thing as a "calling".
Especially in my case, since I've been professoring and entrepreneuring all
those years.
It seems like, once I settled down, and "allowed" myself to be the real me,
then It just kind of "showed up", and I wasn't sure if maybe I was correct in
these "feelings".

Anyway, as soon as i clear my plate of some of this Worldy stuff---I will have time
and the wherewithall to commit to this study.

Like you, I have no idea where this is taking me, but I am sure that I shall
be "led" to whatever, wherever I'm supposed to be...my "assignment".

Again, I thank you.
I'm sure I will have more questions in the future, as I begin this.
I am really excited at this prospect of learning, and gaining wisdom in this area.

Your Brother in Light,

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