Order Of Degrees
Posted 11/2/2007 6:04 PM (#2815)
Subject: Order Of Degrees

Should on get the Bachelor then Masters then PHD?

Or can I go straight to PHD?

I'm not sure what I Want to do career wise as a metaphyscian but I know i wanna work in this area.

What should I do?
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Posted 11/2/2007 7:28 PM (#2816 - in reply to #2815)
Subject: RE: Order Of Degrees

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I am posting what i know, i am a graduate of UMS.

One cannot get a PhD without the Masters and one cannot get a Masters without the Bachelors.

So it must go in order.... Associates (2yr), Bachelors (4yr), Masters (6yr) then Doctorate (PhD or DD)(7+yrs)
The years i placed here are the average (accredited) college years, which does not apply here. This school does not work by credit hours. This college also bi-passes the Associates degree. Unless that changes.

I do have good news.... I was accepted at Liberty University to now work on my Masters in Arts of Marriage & Family Therapy (Psychotherapy). My credits from this college did get me at least a Bachelors. I only had an Associates from ITT-Tech.
That is great news for UMS. My courses were recognized by a government accredited College. I did not have to go and finish my undergraduate degree, they considered me a graduate. WHOOHOO!

Thank you UMS.
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Paul Spalek
Posted 11/23/2007 6:53 PM (#3000 - in reply to #2815)
Subject: RE: Order Of Degrees

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You cannot go straight to Ph.D/Doctorate

You are required to work through Bachelor's & Masters before working on your Ph.D

A Bachelors & Masters from another school, Metaphysical or Secular does not qualify for skipping these Ba & Ma, though they will most certinally help in working through the coursework.
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