After death exeperience
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Subject: After death exeperience

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I have to relate an experience I was told of: a near death experience.

I met a person, a woman, in the hospital. I have a chronic illness (not currently life threatening) and have spent some time in hospitals. The woman I spoke of shared quite willingly that she had at one time been clinically dead and had been revived. The woman (I will not name her hear) was elderly and wonderfully verbal. She was when I spoke to her continuingly gravely ill, she seemed almost unaware of her infirmity energetically moving about the hospital despite her being fed through a tube, smoking when the staff was away and living as though her health was less important than banqueting on life totally unafraid of the risks to her health. I believe, after she broached the subject, I asked if she "dreamed" she informed me that she " . . . never slept." The understanding I received from her was that she was aware of " . . . everything that happened" in the room as she was "crashing." The impression I received was that she received no special message, blessing, or condemnation, just the knowledge that death was not the end of her or her consciousness. A belief that was under the circumstances not one I was inclined to ignore, and confirmed my belief in conscious existence after death. I was left with the impression that for her this existence. after the pain of death, was something that, while making her hopeful, might take some getting used to, a slow progress to the heavenly realms. I was reminded of St. Peter the evangelist's belief that all people everywhere would eventually come to light and love and be with the creator. I could not help being amazed. She had in a real way glimpsed something of few have been able to relate, and I was there to hear. I didn't pry, as I might have. Whatever she had experienced had made her live all the more. I hope she is living still, and wish her well.

Love and light,

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Tracy Martin
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Subject: RE: After death exeperience


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Two experiences. My friend Chris died in a motorcycle accident and was revived. He spent a year learning how to walk again, write, etc. He told me that his awareness at the time of his death immediately began spreading out and encompassing/merging with everything. He said it was an incredibly joyful and harmonious feeling. When he described it I felt like I was experiencing it with him.

My brother Mark died a couple of years ago and I watched his pulse stop until the last one at his neck. At that moment I had the experience of being with him as he dove into a great dark Ocean of bliss as if he had merged with God.

I use these feeling experiences in meditation now, especially if I am getting fearful about something in my life. A UMS student taught me that by describing a meditation in which she drifted down into the bottomless Ocean and allowed herself to drown. Bon voyage!

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Terri R
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Subject: RE: After death exeperience


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Hello. I would also like to share something in hopes it may offer a little insight for those searching for understanding.

Last year I lost someone very dear to me, my mother-in-law and my best friend. I only got to have her for three wonerful years but I felt like we were kindred spirits, falling in love with her the first time my husband took me to meet his parents. We became close very quickly and shared alot of time together on a regular basis.

About two years ago she was diagnosed with Lung Cancer and went through very difficult times mentally, physically and emotionally. She knew she was not going to be with us for a long time and was worried about leaving us all behind. She told me she was upset about losing me after just finding me having so little time left to share so much.

I decided to share with her  something she was not aware of, that I could feel the energy vibrations of those close to me. She wanted to learn more about what I was talking about, so I shared with her that life does not end when the body gives up that we just move into another state of being ... but very much alive. We would talk about this for hours. I wanted so badly for her to understand before it was too late, to teach her to understood what I was talking about. She was old school, but was desperately open to receive what I had to say. I told her that it was possible to feel the energy vibrations, the presence of those whether alive or beyond death. That even though she would not be physically here that she still had the ablilty to be with us, and that we would still be able to feel her with us.

At the time of her death, she was at home with the help of hospice with her entire family, children and grandchildren. Until this time I had never experienced death in the manner before. The heartache was so great, the emotions were so high, the impact it would have on all of us was greater than you could begin to imagine.

The adults were in the bedroom surrounding her and the children and grandchildren were gathered and taken to the dining room and sitting aound the table and standing nearby trying to support one another in their time of loss. I stood there for a moment surveying the room, and feeling the heartache flooding my emotions. Then all of the sudden I was embraced with this blanket of love that just consumed me like I had never known, my body was tingling and vibrating in such a manner that was new to me. I could feel such a rush of Love, that almost dropped me to my knees. I reached forward to the back on one of the chairs when I noticed children, suddenly sit up, shake their head and shrug their shoulders similar to a domino or ripple affect not truly aware of what was happening.

Then suddenly my children quickly turned to look at me, with their eyes gleeming at me ... whispering ... was that Memaw? And all I could do was smile and shake my head yes, as the tears began to fall uncontrollably. She was going around the table in a swift manner, embracing each one of us, letting us know she was ok ... and still there with us.

Several minutes later my children approached me with tears of joy giving me a loving embrace because they knew this to be true. My children were open to this, but there were several others who had no clue. My children whispered ... you must tell the rest of the kids what just happened so they will know too!

At first, I told them it was not a good idea and they continued to plead with me, that I must, they need to understand that Memaw was hugging good-bye on them. So with a deep breathe I stepped forward and preceded to ask if anyone just felt a tingling sensation all over, and most just looked at one another not sure what to say. Without hesitation, I said thats ok, you do not have to answer but what you just felt was Memaw hugging on you, trying to let you know she was ok and not hurting anymore, not to be sad because she is still right here with us.

Just then the smiles and tears began to fall around the table because they too, knew what had just happened ... they knew! Yes, there were tears, but tears of joy as they embraced the love of what they knew to be true!

I still get emotional talking about it, but if it helps someone else to hear the story it will be worth the tears, again.

We still feel her come and go from time to time as if checking in on us, feeling her presence, her love and comfort embrace, letting us know she is still around watching over all of us.

Peace be with you~

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