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Hi everyone! I belong to a couple of Tarot groups and am very interested in Tarot. And there is no Tarot discussion board here. So instead of posting the same thing at 7 or 8 different sites, I decided to start a Tarot Blog. It's on my space at www.myspace.com/spiritualjourneys. Now I quit using my space a couple of years ago because all i was getting was porn offers. I've heard it's better now, so I'm hoping it is a safe place for my blog.

Anyway, if anyone wants to drop by my blog (I just started it today) and let me know what they think of it, I would be honored. I am doing really in-depth Tarot study and hope to offer anyone insights into their own readings as well as learn new ways of putting together the cards. And if you don't agree with what I say, I like to know that too so we can compare our different ideas of the cards.

I'm hoping to actually start doing readings at some point and will probably do free readings for a while soon, but I am more comfortable doing them in person. I've been asked twice to do readings in the last couple of days, basically from strangers in odd circumstances, so I know the Universe is supporting this decision.

Anyway, if you feel like it, please visit my blog.

And if you don't, I'll see you around this forum.

Light and Love,
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Hi AmeMmmmm:
     As Doc J will tell you, my interest in the subject of Tarot is great, but very academic. I love my Rider deck, as I feel better with those cards in my hand, but I am not a particulary good reader (though some will dispute that, very few). I use an unusual spread, which I dubbed the Roman Cross, an adaptation of the Celtic Cross spread.
     Having studied this for so long, I would recommend (at least, if you really want to get into it deep) "The Tarot of the Bohemians" subtitled "Absolute Key to Occult Science" by Papus
which, by the way, has a forward written by A.E. Waite, who caused the creation of the Rider deck of Tarot.Waite had a woman artist whom he knew as part of an "occult" (in other words oddballs of Victorian England) society called "The Golden Dawn" aka "The Golden Path" design a deck which put more emphasis on the minor arcana...AND, referenced cards to astrological symbols and signs. A very interesting book!!!!!
I would say it is almost a bible for Tarot readers.
Much peace and love to you,

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The tarot is wonderful for just about anything. I learned a spread that is very different from any i have searched for and it's quite good. I will describe it here and all i can say is.... it tells a story. One card alone never really says enough, it's what they say together that really digs to the heart of things.

First you lay 7 cards in a row, with the center being the highest point like a roof top ^. This row signifies a general read about what is going on, has been going on and how the outcome will be. PAST ---- *** NOW *** --- End Result

The next part of the same reading is done in an upside down pyramid V (three cards, then two cards under those three, then one) this is places under your roof, which signified your core root of the problem or focus.

NEXT to shed even more light on the problem in your general read, you will go back to the roof and fill in the gaps. This will take 6 cards. We call it patching the problem and what it will take, or even getting more info on what is going on.... pending what you FEEL when you read.

That is the general reading.... next, you let the client ask all the questions they want to ask. Each question will use 5 cards with an answer, except the last one is normally only 3. Those cards are spread out below everything else. First card is usually a cause .... middle is the decision or what is going on now and the last card is the outcome. The achievement. Clients can ask as many questions as what is left in the deck..... Then it's done.


This has been my favorite type of reading since 1990 when i learned it. I share it with you.

I personally am horrible at history so i don't teach history of tarot, I teach the cards meanings and how to let them speak to you. -but i do love the rider-waite deck, as well as the witches tarot. All of the decks that Marty said are good decks that let your creative side of your brain combine with the logic side to mesh together for a great read.
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Posted 8/8/2007 12:57 PM (#2500 - in reply to #2442)
Subject: RE: Tarot Blog

Thanks mruppet. I'll check into the book. And that sounds like quite a spread, supernatural. I'll have to try it this weekend when I have time.

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