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I thought it would be very good to have a thread on internet resources that we've found helpful on our metaphysical journey. So this one is one I am reading on ALL the time. Thought others might like it...

What are the different resources you've found?
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I agree with KMO!
If things come together, in the next, latest, greatest plan, there will be a website that deals with this. I want to call it "The Cassandra Society" dedicated to the kind of resources to further the study of metaphysics, religious experience, and science simply by links to significant sites. But again, my criteria do not make for any great success, as it will have to be financed privately, which I am willing to do. This is because I cannot accept any consideration for the content of the other words, no paid advertising, no click through revenue, no banners. Links only!
If those links, that a user of the site might link to, wish to charge for something or another, that is fine by long as there is an "informed" decision in the process; and as long as "The Cassandra Society" remains independent of any remuneration for what occurs as a result.
I am particularly interested in educational institutions, such as UMS, that teach a well rounded, and rigorous curricula founded on metaphysical principals. But, I am not interested in matchbook cover schools, that give you a degree for a thesis and a check. Who will be the judge of what is significant? The website itself will be, with constant feedback and open forums.
I like the idea very much and hope that you all do, too.
Regards and Peace Profound,
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Card Zero
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Location: The Emerald City is the single greatest internet resource I have found on my journey. There are over 1000 essays on a great many world religions and belief systems.

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Truly a wonderful site!
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