How UMS Online Exams Work
Exams Are a Learning Experience
The University of Metaphysical Sciences views exams not only as a tool to evaluate your knowledge of the materials presented in the courses, but as a learning experience in itself. When you take an exam, you may feel free to open other windows to review course materials and look up answers. In this sense, exams are all "open book."
Exam Layout
The first part of each online exam consists of multiple-choice and true-false questions. You may take an exam three times in order to achieve a score of 80% or better. At the end of each "take" you will be informed of your score, though the system will not tell you which answers are correct and which are incorrect. This is part of your studying and learning experience. When you retake an exam, you may change your answers according to further study of the course material. If you are unable to achieve a score of 80% or better in three takes, your exam will be locked and you will be required to initiate an exam dialog with the UMS staff so that we may know how to assist you in your continued learning process. The staff member will have the option of unlocking your exam so that you can take it again.

Some exams have a second part consisting of short answer questions. The answers you type in here are subjective and there are no strictly right or wrong answers. The short answer sections will be looked over by a UMS staff member who will either grant you a passing grade or initiate a dialog with you concerning further work needed. The main thing the staff member will be looking for is that your short answers are sincere and well thought out.
There is a "Show the Exam" button at the top of every online exam page. We recommend clicking that button and printing out the exam. Use this as a study aid, circling the correct answers as you go along. This will make it easier when you take the exam online.

Important Note: The online exams differ slightly in content from the old exams downloaded or emailed in Word format. If you are going to take the exam online, you should study using the online format under the "Show the Exam" button, and NOT from an old exam in Word document format that you may have downloaded or received in email.
Submitting Your Exam
Once you have achieved a score of 80% or better on the multiple-choice true-false section of the exam, and have answered any short answer questions the exam might have, you will be able to submit your exam to the system for final grading.
Final Grading and the Exam Dialog
After your exam has been submitted, a UMS staff member will look it over and assign a grade of either pending or pass. Pending is a temporary grade issued when a bit more is needed on your part. The staff member will initiate an exam dialog with you asking further questions or making comments requiring your response. You will be notified in email when an exam dialog has been initiated or updated. The email will contain a link that will take you back to the exam page where you can respond to the dialog. Once the UMS staff is satisfied with the dialog, your pending status will be changed to pass and the course will show as complete on your transcript.

The exam dialog can be initiated at any time by you or a UMS staff member. We welcome your comments as well as your questions concerning the exam or your exam-taking experience. However, please keep comments constructive and short so as not to provide our staff with too much extra work.

The exam dialog system is governed by a "who responded last" method of determining whether UMS staff attention is needed. When the last response is yours, a UMS staff member will be alerted to read and answer the dialog. For this reason, please do not add a note of  "Thank you,"  etc., after a UMS staff member has responded, as this will alert us again that further response is needed. We trust that all correspondence in the dialog will be performed in a spirit of honesty and gratitude on both ends at all times.
Email Notification
When you have passed an exam, you will be notified by email with a letter of congratulations that will give you a final copy of your corrected exam and also confirm your course is complete.
Honor System
You are On Your Honor:
  1. To study all the materials for a course thoroughly before taking an exam for that course. This includes listening to any audio materials and spending time experiencing and practicing any meditations required.

  2. Please do NOT share your exam answers with ANYONE. This includes other students and anyone not enrolled at UMS.