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Spiritual Video Satsang
with Christine Breese

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16. Spiritual Paradoxes In The Universe and Consciousness
Spiritual Cinema Video Satsang by Christine Breese
Spiritual Seekers Path Universe Paradoxes, True Truth Mind Consciousness Paradox
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This brings me to the subject of paradox. Paradox is a very funny thing and usually is a large stumbling block on the spiritual path for many spiritual seekers, because the mind just cannot make all these paradoxes fit together in a logical sense. All of it is true, and none of it is true at the same time. All points of view are valid. This person's truth over here is true, that person's truth over there is true. This person's truth is true. It's all true and yet there are contradictions everywhere. Even in spiritual teachings, there are going to be contradictions because there are so many individual cases. What might be true for one person might not be true for this person over here.

So learn to accept paradox and allow it to be unchallenged by the mind. It's important to ask questions and challenge things that are taught or challenge things that are presented as knowledge. It's important to have the intelligence and the mind powers to discern what's true for you. You’ll find yourself all tripped up on these different contradictions that you're going to find everywhere, in everything people teach, in all the books. One book says do it this way, another one says do it that way. This book will work for this handful of people, and that book will work for that handful of people. Let it be ok that there are all these contradictions and paradoxes in the universe, and you'll find less trouble with the mind. The mind is always the last to get it.

For instance, these words I'm giving you right now, they're for the mental body, but really, what's being transmitted to you has nothing to do with these words. It has to do with the heart. Your heart is by far wiser than the mind. Paradox is a strange phenomena, yet once you accept that it's there, it no longer bothers the mind. The mind is very bothered by paradox. Everything needs to be linear and straight, and lined up very well. The mind hates paradox, but the eternal self embraces it all. All of it is allowed. All of it is true. All of it is valid. When you say black and someone else says white, both are true. One says good the other says evil, both are true.

So let go of this need to find "the truth" so to speak, because the truth, in a way, keeps changing. There's one truth that remains the same and really is THE truth: consciousness is here, everywhere, in every perspective. That's true. Everything else is open to interpretation as to whether it's true or not true. So if you have to absorb some truth and say, “Well this is true,” then I would say, just look at consciousness and accept THAT as true. That's the only thing that isn't an illusion. Everything else that appears and disappears is an illusion. Thoughts, concepts, words, events, places, people, things, planets… it's all illusion. It appears and disappears. If it has a beginning it has an end. This is illusion, the Maha Leela, the grand dance, the great drama. So just work with what rings true to you.

Some spiritual seekers ask, "Well how do I know what's true? How do I discern what I should follow?"

I always say look to the heart, not the mind, for truth, for the signature of truth. There's energy, and when you know something is true, you feel it in your heart. Then maybe you know it in your mind, but your heart always knows first. So use your heart as your steering mechanism when you're looking for truth, and do not listen to the mind because it doesn't know the truth. It may think it knows the truth, but what it thinks is truth usually changes as soon as awareness changes.

Again, just realize the only thing that is not illusion, and is the absolute truth, is consciousness itself.

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