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Spiritual Video Satsang
with Christine Breese

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14. Special Ordinary, Be Willing To Be Ordinary
Spiritual Cinema Video Satsang by Christine Breese
Samadhi Nirvana Essence Spiritual Teachings Dalai Lamas Buddhism Samadhi
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So the question is: what's wrong with being ordinary? After all you are the drop in the ocean. And yet the same time you are the drop, you are the whole ocean. But every drop looks the same. Have you ever seen two drops of water look different? All drops of water are shaped a certain way. You drop it and it's a tear drop shaped… a pear shaped drop. They're all the same. One drop of water, you've seen them all!

Therefore it's the same with you. The essence of every person is exactly the same. There's nothing unique because it's all one self, one being. The big toe is not more special then the little finger. Both are part of the bigger entity. Both are drops in the ocean of the body.

Now when you're talking about form, yes there is a difference. Form however is an illusion. Yes one body looks different than the other body. A female body looks different than a male body. A cat looks different than a dog. A tree looks different than a rock. But those are just forms; imaginings in the mind of God. You, essence-wise, the essence in the rock, the tree, the cat, the dog, the male, the female, the molecule in the air… it's all the same and so therefore nothing special about any one of them! Nothing unique.

So observe in your mind what's coming up here. There may be a real knee-jerk reaction to this statement; that you are ordinary. You are not special because you are the whole self and so is everyone else. Now this is a spiritual trap that a lot of spiritual seekers fall into, thinking that they’re pretty special compared to the rest of the humans. It's a common thought, “Oooh, the spiritual ones are at the top of the heap of evolution and we're more special than everyone else because we know the secret that we're eternal conciseness living in a physical form. We know we're not mere mortals. We know how to create our realities with our thoughts and our feelings and using the law of attraction. We've read certain books and have a lot of knowledge. Therefore there's one percent of the human race that's really special; the spiritual special group.”

Careful of this spiritual trap; it's exactly what it is. You are no more special than the drunkard on the street who doesn't have any idea of who he is; doesn't realize that he's eternal self experiencing a point of view from a human form of its own self. So dare to be ordinary. Dare to entertain the thought for awhile now. What if you are just like everyone else? What if you are just like the spiritual teacher that you admire so much? What if you are just like the drunkard on the street? What if your essence is the same? This is what I mean by ordinary.

Many are seeking special experiences, traveling all over the world trying to get that peak spiritual experience. Run to this teacher or that teacher, trying to get Samadhi, or Nirvana. Just be ordinary for a little while. Try it on for size. Stop trying to have peak spiritual experiences. Stop trying to be special. Just be here now, and be ordinary. Be a regular person. Drop the ego ideas of how special you think you might be. Being ordinary is a useful experience. Being an ordinary human being can be a gateway into enlightenment. There's a letting go of the yearning for what you don't have, a letting go of the needing to be different, and the needing to be special. It alleviates yet another chunk of suffering that you would probably like to get rid of.

So ask yourself: what is this need to be special, this need to be noticed by others, this need, this desire, this longing for uniqueness? What is it? Is it coming from the whole self or is it coming from the human ego self? Very tricky spiritual trap; easy to slip by unnoticed and even be accepted as truth.

Now the reality of it is, is that you are probably very special and unique and a non-ordinary person. There's nothing that says that you can't be the amazing person that you probably are. But to let go of the attachment to it, the belief in it. Know secretly that even though you may appear special to the world, special to others who think "wow you are an amazing person," even though you appear that way, secretly you know you're just like them. You’re made of the same stuff, the same substance, you're the same being having many lives. It's all one self having all of these reincarnations. You know that you’re quite ordinary… a drop in the ocean.

The ocean, now that's special! And so the paradox is: therefore all the drops in the ocean are special. This is the funny thing about paradoxes that I was saying in my other talk, that it's all true. You're ordinary and you're special at the same time. That's the brain twister and it's so difficult with the English language, but accept the idea of being ordinary now and don't resist anymore. Don't resist; so many resist the possibility of being ordinary. Invite that now, because an idea of being special invites separation. If somebody seems special to you, that they’re amazing, maybe untouchable, they’re so talented, so beautiful, so whatever, so smart… you feel separate if you feel inferior to them. And of course that goes both ways if you feel superior to others, special… then that creates separation. Whereas, if you allow yourself to feel that you're ordinary and you're just like everyone else, this creates non-separation, inclusion of everything, it brings everyone together.

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