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Degree Programs

Degrees/Certificates/Credentials Awarded

You can choose whichever title you wish from the list below. The curriculum is the same for all degrees. The degrees you can receive from the California UMS and Minnesota UMS are as follows:

California Degrees
From the CA University of Metaphysical Sciences

Bachelors Degree Titles:


Bachelor Of Metaphysics, B.M.
Bachelor Of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Bachelor Of Divinity, B.Div.

Masters Degree Titles:

Master Of Metaphysics, M.M.
Master Of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Master Of Divinity, M.Div.

Ordination: Reverend or Minister, student's choice
Practitioner's Certificate

Doctorate Degree Titles:

Philosopher Of Metaphysics, Ph.M
Doctor Of Metaphysics, D.M.
Doctor Of Metaphysical Sciences, D.Ms.

Doctor Of Divinity in: (D.D. or D.Div.

Metaphysical Sciences
Metaphysical Counseling
Spiritual Counseling

Minnesota Degrees
From the MN University of Metaphysical Sciences

Doctorate Degree Titles:

From UMS/Minnesota

The following degrees come from the Minnesota University of Metaphysical Sciences where students continue their studies after completing the Masters level at UMS/California if the student wishes to attain these particular degrees:

Philosopher of Metaphysics. Ph.D.
Philosopher of Metaphysical Sciences, Ph.D.
Philosopher of Metaphysical Counseling, Ph.D.

Philosopher of Holistic Life Coaching, Ph.D.

Philosopher of Metaphysical Theology, Ph.D.

Philosopher of Metaphysical Life Coaching, Ph.D.

Philosopher of Parapsychology and Paranormal Sciences, Ph.D.

Philosopher of Transpersonal Counseling, Ph.D.

Philosopher of Pastoral Counseling, Ph.D.

Bachelors Degree
You will receive your Bachelor's Degree within 6-8 weeks of completion of the written and audio lessons in the Bachelor's Degree curriculum.

Masters Degree
Once you have completed the written and audio lessons, as well as your Master's Thesis, you will receive your Masters Degree within 6-8 weeks. This diploma leads to creating a more professional image for your books, classes, practice and other endeavors. You will also receive your Ministerial Ordination and your Practitioner's Certificate. The Practitioner's Certificate is necessary in some states for hands on healing or counseling. This protects your right to legally practice. This third diploma is issued because some people seeking help are familiar with and comfortable with the word "Practitioner."

Doctoral Degree
The Doctorate Degree has no written or audio lessons. The only work required is writing a 10,000 word doctoral dissertation (equivalent to two book chapters in length) on any metaphysical subject you would like to write about. For instance, if you want the Ph.D. in Holistic Life Coaching, you must write your thesis on a subject pertaining to life coaching. Otherwise, there are no limits to the subjects you can choose. Once you have submitted your doctoral dissertation you will receive your final credentials, the Doctorate Degree, within 6-8 weeks.

Curriculum (in brief) for each Degree Level

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The following is a list of courses for each degree level of the curriculum. The first list describes the lessons required for the Bachelors Degree. The second list describes the lessons required for the Masters Degree. The third list describes electives courses, of which the student must choose 15 altogether.

Bachelors Degree Curriculum:
140 credits

Consciousness I: 25 credits
CS101 Archetypes
CS102 Enneagram
CS103 Metaphysical
Communication & Problem Solving Skills
CS104 Affirmations & Reprogramming
CS105 Shadow Work
CS106 Transforming Personality
CS107 Emotional Well-Being
CS108 First Causes-Core Issues
CS109 Inner Child Work For Adults
CS110 Anger Management

Metaphysical Health Studies I: 15 credits
HS102 Juicing, Fasting & Cleansing
HS102 Pranayama & The Art Of Breathing
HS103 Herbs & Natural Medicines

World Religions: 25 credits
WR101 Overview Of World Religions
WR102 Great Spiritual Teachers, Gurus & Yogis
WR103 Mystical Beginnings Of Christianity
WR104 Native American Traditions
WR105 Gods, Goddesses & Mythology
WR106 Wizards, Magical Creatures & Adepts
WR107 Witchcraft
WR108 Shamanism: Indigenous Worldviews

Meditation Skills: 15 credits
MS101 Overview Of Meditation
MS102 Hypnosis: Self & Others
MS103 Colors & Symbols
MS104 Unlocking Imagination
MS105 Mantras & Mudras

Intuitive Skills I: 25 credits
IT101 Chakras & Auras
IT102 Psychic Skills, ESP
IT103 Divination Systems
IT104 Channeling Skills I
IT105 Crystals & Gemstones
IT106 Astrology Basics
IT107 Phenomena
IT108 Connecting With Angels

Miscellaneous Courses I: 25 credits
DR100 Dreams & Dreaming
CM100 Course In Miracles

RC100 Reincarnation, Past/Future/Simultaneous
MF100 Manifesting Skills
EM100 Energy Of Money
CP100 Creative Project

10 Electives: 10 credits


Masters Degree Curriculum:
90 credits

Consciousness II: 20 credits
CS201 Metaphysics & Meditation For Children
CS202 Relationships
CS203 Trauma & Recovery
CS204 Death & Dying
CS205 Metaphysical Technologies

Metaphysical Health Studies II: 25 credits
HS201 Spiritual Nutrition/Eating/Cooking
HS202 Reiki
HS203 Physical Exercise For Spiritual Well-Being
HS204 Hatha Yoga

Intuitive Skills II: 25 credits
IS201 Advanced Hypnosis
IS202 Channeling Skills II
IS203 Predictions
IS204 Unconditional Love
IS205 Astral Projection
IS206 Lucid Dreaming
IS207 Aura Viewing
IS208 Vibrational Healing

Career Skills: 15 credits
CA201 Finding Life Purpose/Life Work & Soul Agenda
CA202 Becoming Your True Self
CA203 Leading A Meditation
CA204 Attracting Clients
CA205 Practitioner Ethics
CA206 Promoting Your Spiritual Business

CA207 Unified Field Theory

5 Electives: 5 credits
5,000 Word Master's Thesis

Practitioner Certificate

Doctorate Degree
10,000 Word Doctoral Dissertation
Your doctorate degree is based solely on your 10,000 word doctoral dissertation. The student is highly encouraged to pick a subject that he or she can truly expound upon with written text. The doctoral dissertation cannot be on the same subject as the Master's Thesis.

If the student plans on writing, this is an excellent opportunity to begin the research necessary for writing a metaphysical book. Students are encouraged to begin creating career material with their doctoral dissertation. Perhaps the student should write about what he or she feels most passionately about, something he or she will be working on in career endeavors. Specific directions are given for the doctoral dissertation.

2nd Doctoral Degree
A second Doctoral Degree can be earned by writing another doctoral dissertation. Many students find the second degree useful, for both the D.D. and the Ph.D. serve different purposes. The D.D. is for those who do one on one work with others, while the Ph.D. gives the student more prestige as an author, teacher and lecturer. Many students earn both degrees in order to meet all their needs for credentials. The second Doctoral Degree must be attained within three years of the first Doctoral Degree.

Electives Courses
1 credit each

CW301 Writing In The Metaphysical Genre
EA302 Emotional Art
303 Feng Shui
GA304 Gaia, Mother Earth
AS305 Attracting Your Mate
QB306 Qabalah/Kabala
UF307 UFOs & Extraterrestrials
EC308 Ear Candling
DO309 Dolphin Healing

CE310 Moon Ceremonies, Equinoxes, Solstices
TO311 Taoist Healing Arts
AR312 Altars & Rituals

FA313 Falun Gong
AY 314 Ayurveda
TA 315 Tantra
PO316 Polarity Therapy
LB317 Sacred Labyrinths
BR 318 Breatharianism
UR 319 Urantia Book
HP320 Hope
CS321 Coping w/Stress Using Mindfulness
FG322 Forgiveness
MM323 Mary Magdalene

More Electives always being added...


University of Metaphysical Sciences
Printer Friendly Degree Programs

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