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2012 predictions

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Breitenbush Hotsprings Retreat Pictures

Deepening Realization Of Self
Here are some pictures from our Fall Retreat at
Breitenbush Hot Springs Retreat Center
October 14-18, 2007

Breitenbush Hot Springs Meditation Retreat Report
University of Metaphysical Sciences Blog, Christine Breese D.D., Ph.D.

We have just returned home from our journey to Breitenbush Hot Springs Retreat Center near Detroit, Oregon (about an hour and a half southeast of Portland). It was a lovely place to visit and amazing to experience, with the snow covered Mount Jefferson, a dormant volcano, towering in the distance in majesty and beauty, a truly powerful object for meditation. There is a colorful history around the Breitenbush Hot Springs Retreat Center as well, and it is a rare gem nestled in the Willamette National Forest, no other private land around. It was established before the National Forests were, so it was grandfathered in.

The fall colors were everywhere; October is a wonderful time of year to be there. Every time a wind came, the yellow leaves would flutter to the ground and blanket the forest floor like the flower blossoms falling in those beautiful artistic Japanese movies. The hot springs were just gorgeous and the settings and the views were spectacular, especially the silent pool that overlooked the river and the mountains far away. It was a wonderful place for contemplation and meditation. Our staff member Margaret Branch gets the prize for the most hot springs dips, though, and no one could keep up with her! She tried out every pool and has become the hot springs expert as to which ones are the hottest and what the aspects of each are.

The community currently has 49 permanent members, and Devon Love and I (Christine Breese) were very lucky and privileged to be invited by Quija, our main contact during our visit who made sure our meditation retreat was all set up and ready to go, to come and see her lovely abode in the community. We got to see the schoolhouse for the kids and the entire “village” of Breitenbush on the private side of the river. We also got to learn about how Breitenbush is run almost entirely on geo-thermal energy and they don’t have much of a utility bill. They heat all the cabins and the lodges with hot springs water in radiators from the geo-thermal sources underground, and they generate their own hydroelectric for their electrical power needs from earth sources as well! I stood in front of their engineering house for a moment in contemplation about how it all worked, but of course only an engineer would understand. We have much gratitude to Quija for sharing so much with us, and we learned so many things! Alternative energy is the way to go.

The meditation retreat, Deepening Realization of Self, was so perfect the way that it flowed. It was very intimate because the group was so small, everyone got lots of personal attention and chances to share and meet each other and make friends together, and of course there was lots of laughter, even in between the serious moments of deep spiritual contemplation and meditation. It seems that some long lasting connections were made between all participants and everyone felt ever so comfortable and cozy in the group.

The meditations were very deep, since everyone was an experienced meditator, and everyone definitely gained a deeper realization of self, which was the theme of the retreat. There were three meditations per day, morning, afternoon, and evening, with an evening off in the middle to give everyone a break from the transformative work that meditation in infinite spaces can provide. Lots of free time was available so that everyone could enjoy the grounds and the hot springs, or simply sit by the river or walk the labyrinth. Devon walked the labyrinth and reported that it was an amazing experience indeed.

University of Metaphysical Sciences hopes to have another retreat there next year! It was a wonderful place to be, and there was a magical fairyland energy to it all. Oh, and did I mention that if you go to Buddha’s Playhouse there you will be in stitches laughing even after you walk out the door? There is something about that place, and everyone at Breitenbush has reported that for some reason, as soon as you walk into Buddha’s Playhouse, your funny bone begins to act up and it has long lasting effects even after you leave. It is impossible to be serious in that building! Hmmm…

(Sometimes it's called Brightenbush Hot Springs,or even Brightonbush Hot Springs, but it is actually spelled Breitenbush Hot Springs Retreat Center. Some people spell it backwards as Brietenbush Hot Springs as well, but Brietenbush Hot Springs Retreat center is incorrect! Aaah, English language, such a strange bear!)

Deepening Self Realization Retreat at Brightenbush Hot Springs

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2012 predictions

2012 predictions

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