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university of metaphysical sciences

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university of metaphysical sciences

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Visit Starlight Journal for blogs, newsletter, and forums on spiritual subjects. Visit the Metaphysical Sciences youtube channel to view free video satsangs with Christine Breese. Visit Metaphysical Articles to read about consciousness and awakening. Read more articles at Wisdom of the Heart Church.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Short Form

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The University of Metaphysical Sciences is a non-profit distance learning facility, offering downloadable courses from the internet or delivered via postal mail. Study at your own pace while you work, stay at home, or travel.

1. Can I get a Full Scholarship or Financial Aid?

UMS offers a $195 scholarship by waiving the downpayment fee on the long term payment plan (4 years, 2 courses per month, $50-60 per month) and no other scholarships. Our payment plan serves as our financial aid package, allowing the student to pay for an education in small increments. This is the best we can do. While we would love to help everyone who receives government checks, stays at home, lives in economically disadvantaged countries, or has fallen on hard times financially, we cannot offer our program for free. It takes a lot of staff hours to process enrollments, manage paperwork, answer student emails and/or phone calls, and upload courses. UMS already operates at a non-profit status. We are only able to keep our prices low by streamlining our operations and keeping our costs low. A paid tuition covers our staff hours of operation, our business expenses, and nothing more. UMS does not operate for a profit purpose and is part of Wisdom Of The Heart Church 501(c)3. We have set it up that way on purpose so that the public can access our materials for a little money as possible. We have tried our best to make this an affordable program that even low income individuals can afford. However, UMS does have many business expenses that must be met.

Please understand why we cannot use staff time to process full scholarships. We live in a material world and money is necessary to make UMS possible. We must collect our business costs or UMS cannot exist. UMS offers far more than most anything else in the metaphysical market for a very affordable and reasonable price, so it is well worth the money spent. We could charge far more for it than we do but we are very aware that there are people on tight budgets and we want to make it available to those in low income brackets, not only those who are affluent. We are very sorry if your finances do not allow for a $50-60 per month payment plan. We advise that you meditate and ask the powers-that-be for a friend who might help you pay for your education. You might receive a miracle! If not, perhaps your finances will change at a future date. Your financial support is necessary for UMS's existence. We are only collecting our costs, not making a profit.

2. I have a Bachelors/Masters Degree, can I go straight into your Masters or Doctorate program?

UMS is bringing a new level of professionalism to metaphysics and we must be sure that all graduates have the same knowledge as each other upon graduation. Many people attend UMS who have been running their own retreat centers or a metaphysical practice successfully for years, or have previous degrees from other colleges, but we cannot be sure that a UMS graduate's knowledge is complete unless our students have been exposed to all our courses. The good news is that it only takes a year to go through our whole program from beginning to end and achieve all three degrees (Bachelors 6 months, Masters 4 months, Doctorate 2 months). Also, even an experienced metaphysical practitioner can fill in the gaps in one's knowledge by participating in our curriculum. This is UMS's goal, to give a well rounded exposure to all metaphysical subjects. Because our curriulum is so unique and no other college can duplicate it, UMS does not accept any degrees, previous education or life experience in lieu of UMS courses. We must preserve the integrity and reputation of UMS graduates by standing by this policy.

3. Can I lecture, teach or give workshops at your school?

UMS is a distance learning school and all classes are taken by internet or postal delivery of written and audio courses. UMS does not facilitate lectures or workshops. UMS only works in a distance learning format. If you would like to participate in our Ecuador campus that is opening in summer 2011, Serenity Spiritual Community Center, and you can lease our facilities, but you must book at least 20 participants and bring your own group.

4. Does $1995 tuition plus course materials fees include all 3 degrees?

Yes! Everything is included. There are no other hidden fees whatsoever. The only thing that might cost extra is shipping costs to overseas countries from the USA for students who choose the postal delivery of courses.

5. Can I live on campus at your school and study?

Currently, we do not have a place to house students or accommodate living situations, but we are in the process of opening Serenity Spiritual Community Center in Ecaudor where we are getting ready to facilitate UMS students and non-students alike. In the meantime, UMS operates out of an office in Arcata and everything is done online or through postal mail. There are no live classes taught in person, and all classes at Serenity Center are Extra Curricular classes and do not substitute for the distance learning courses. Even at Serenity Center, all the distance learning courses must be completed. Our meditation CDs that go with the courses are exactly what we would teach if we did have live classes, so the meditation CDs are as close as we can get to live classes and still make this available to people living all over the world who cannot come to live at a location where a school is. At Serenity Center we will offer weekend workshops and retreats in subjects that are unrelated to University of Metaphysical Sciences and would not be counted toward UMS degrees, but as for studying at UMS in person, that isn't an option we offer. We understand the need for right fellowship of a spiritual community while studying, so UMS is beginning the process to meet that need at a price everyone can afford.

6. Do you have online courses or must live classes be attended in person?

Please visit UMS in Ecuador at the Serenity Spiritual Community Center when we open in 2011, but classes offered there will be Extra Curricular classes only. For earning degrees, UMS only delivers online or postal courses and no live classes substitute for the degree earning curriculum UMS offers. This way UMS can make its curriculum available to students all over the world and students can study at thier own pace in their own home.

7. Can you recommend a school like yours or spiritual practitioner in my area?

UMS does not know of any other school that is exactly similar. We also cannot recommend any practitioners because we cannot know for sure the quality of any particular person's practice or school. We suggest you do an internet search for such facilities in your area and see what comes up. If you are interested in studying with UMS, however, we work with studetns all over the world. If you are interested in studying in a distance learning format, UMS could be just the right university for you. Our curriculum includes written material and audio meditations which would be what a live class would consist of if UMS conducted live classes. Our meditations on CD offer the experiential aspect of our curriculum.

meditation class

Take a daily meditation class or meditation course through online correspondence and learn about stillness, the stillness way, and insight. All classes and courses teach you to meditate and reach deep trance states quickly and effortlessly.

Meditation Class or Course at a Metaphysics University, learn about Stillness and Insight Meditation. Meditation classes and courses are conducted as a correspondence meditation course. Gain insight and stillness by learning about daily meditation online.

university of metaphysical sciences

university of metaphysical sciences

university of metaphysical sciences

"I could not put a price tag on the value of my learning experience with UMS. My energy field is increasingly calmer, smoother, and a more enjoyable place to be...and I owe it all to UMS. This is without any doubt the best investment I have ever made. Keep up the great work at UMS and we will change the world one person at a time." — J.M., UMS Student


“I can’t really explain all that has transpired this past week but what I can say is that it has been incredible. The courses are absolutely what I’ve been wanting, transformational to say the very least. Life is a great adventure and I’m very glad that Spirit has opened the path that has led me to your University.” — R.W., UMS Student

university of metaphysical sciences

"I'm really enjoying the course -- it's awesome -- and I'm honoured to be a part of UMS." — R.R., UMS Student









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